Offering small and low-cost X- Ray scanners at the price of metal detectors for examining products in PET, PE, vaccum, metallised, aluminium, glass in the form of low jars with metal caps and in metal flat cans.


    The X-Ray scanner is designed for examining bulk products, e.g. cuts of meat, offal, fish. Particularly suitable for eliminating bones and bones, as well as other foreign bodies such as glass, rubber and hard plastic.

  • Checkweighter ELEKTRON-DKW-160R up to 2 kg.

    Checkweighter ELEKTRON-DKW-160R are used in many branches of the food and chemical industries. These devices are for all products removed, in the weight range from 0.1 to 2 kg.


    The ELEKTRON-SXRF-4080 scanner with a feedback system has been designed for the inspection of chicken breast fillets. The "RETURN" system allows you to redirect the rejected product for re-inspection.

  • Checkweighter ELEKTRON-DKW-230R do 2kg.

    Checkweighter ELEKTRON-DKW-230R are used in many branches of the food and chemical industries. These devices are dedicated to all packaged products, in the weight range from 0.2 to 2 kg.

  • Checkweighter ELEKTRON-DKW-300 do 5kg.

    Checkweighters ELEKTRON-DKW-300 are used in many branches of the food and chemical industries. These devices are dedicated to all packaged products, in the weight range from 0.2 to 5 kg.

  • Checkweighter ELEKTRON-DKW-400 do 10kg.

    ELEKTRON-DKW-400 are checkweighers for dynamic consideration of packages with a product weighing from 0.2 to 10 kg.


    ELEKTRON-SXRF-2480 it is perfect for testing all products packed in metallised foils, aluminum trays or flat metal cans. The X-Ray scanner detects any foreign bodies whose density and specific gravity are higher than water (any body that sinks immediately after being thrown into water)

  • X-Ray Scanner ELEKTRON-SXRF-4080

    The ELEKTRON-SXRF is used to test various types of meat, fish, seafood and such products as packaged coffee, sweets, spices, etc. The device has been designed so that it can work with products packed in metallised foil, aluminum foil, low metal cans and small jars.

  • Metal Detector ELEKTRON-MD for small products

    Detector dedicated for testing small packaged products (e.g. meat, fish, vegetables, fruit). Can be prepared for product unpackaged bulk product in any configuration.

  • X-Ray Scanner ELEKTRON-SXRF-4080S-FLAP

    The ELEKTRON-SXRF-4080-S FLAP has been designed for testing products such as frozen fruits, nuts, grains, etc. The scanner is equipped with an automatic rejector in the form of a "FLAP" type quick trap.

  • ELEKTRON-MD metal detectors for small and medium products with a separator

    Detectors dedicated to testing small packaged products (e.g. meat in vaccum) as well as unpackaged products served in bulk (e.g. frozen vegetables and fruits). Equipped with a separator, the detector automatically rejects contaminated products into the container.

  • ELEKTRON-MD metal detector for large products

    Metal detector dedicated to the examination of products packed in E1, E2 boxes (e.g. meat, fish) and large cardboard boxes.

  • Metal detector ELEKTRON-MD for large products with a separator

    ELEKTRON-MD metal detectors with a separator for large products are used mainly in the food industry. They are intended for testing cold cuts, seafood, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, dried fruit, grains, finished products and bakery and confectionery products. The maximum dimensions of the tested product depend on the size of the probe detection window. The products to be tested can be delivered loose or packed in foil packages, cartons or E1 and E2 boxes. The device detects contamination with foreign bodies in the form of ferromagnets and diamagnets.

  • X-Ray scanner ELEKTRON-SXRF ASG 60/120 for loose products

    The ELEKTRON-SXRF ASG 60/120 for loose products is equipped with a hopper with a feeder and a vibro-chute, as well as an automatic, multi-point pneumatic thrower - 32 pneumatic nozzles (Air Shot Gun). The device is used to test products such as cereal grains, groats, sugar, rice, nuts, peas, almonds, coffee, etc.

  • Metal detector for high standing products ELEKTRON-MD

    The metal detector has been specially designed for esting products that are tall when standing up (e.g. jars without lids, plastic and glass bottles, tall paper or plastic bags).

  • Non-standard metal detectors ELEKTRON-MD

    We realise customised designs for metal detectors for products to be milled (wolf), e.g. frozen food, meat and fish parts. Ideal for harsh environments.

  • Scanner X-Ray ELEKTRON-SXRF-6080

    ELEKTRON-SXRF-6080 is designed to test all food products, regardless of packaging. It examines products packed in metallised foil, aluminum foil and even metal cans.

  • Skaner X-Ray ELEKTRON-SXRF-1630I

    The X-Ray scanner is designed for thorough examination products in a standing position packed in bottles, jars with a metal cap, tall cans.

  • X-Ray scanner ELEKTRON-SXRF-2080II

    The ELEKTRON-SXRFB-II is designed to test liquid products and suspensions packed in jars, metal cans and glass or plastic bottles in an upright position. This type of X-Ray scanner is used to test, for example, pickled cucumbers, mushrooms in vinegar, jams, oil, milk, etc.

  • Tubular gravity metal detector ELEKTRON-MD-RG

    The tube gravity metal detector is designed for testing dry, fine, free-flowing non-crystallized products tested by gravity.

  • Scanner X-Ray ELEKTRON-SXRF-2025III

    The ELEKTRON-SXRF-2025III X-Ray scanner with an automatic separator is used to detect foreign bodies in the form of particles of all metals, bones, stones, glass, hard plastic and even rubber. Thanks to the technological combination of three beams examining the product, it provides the highest level of detection.

  • Tubular pressure metal detector ELEKTRON-MD-RC

    Detector designed for testing dense masses and liquids under pressure such as stuffing, meat mince, sausages, fish mince, jams, sauces, ketchups. Most commonly used between the stuffing machine and the clipping machine.

  • Dynamic weighing controller ELEKTRON-DKW-500 up to 25kg.

    ELEKTRON-DKW-500 jest to waga kontrolna do dynamicznego rozważania opakowań z produktem o wadze od 1 do 25kg.

  • Sorting machine ELEKTRON-DSW-230RX6+1

    Fully automatic constant weight sorting system for bulk and packaged products in the production process.