ELEKTRON-RPDM-ST-27 accurately detects and attracts all ferromagnetic metals. Metal particles are attracted to the surface of the detector probe, allowing them to be eliminated quickly and efficiently. It is used as a supplement to gantry and industrial metal detectors for accurate location and elimination of contamination.

  • Handheld Metal Detector ELEKTRON-ES-WM-2020 with battery

    The ELEKTRON-ES-WM-2020 hand-held metal detector is a high-end detection device designed to meet the requirements of the security industry. It is used at airports, border crossings, mass events and wherever it is possible to bring in dangerous metal objects.

  • Handheld Metal Detector - POWER SCANNER - ELEKTRON-3010BC

    The ELEKTRON-3010BC handheld metal detector is a highly sensitive device, designed specifically to detect both magnetic and non-magnetic objects. It is designed to detect firearms, knives or other small metal objects.