• Walk through metal detectors ELEKTRON-BDM-33

    TYP: ELEKTRON-BDM-33 Walk-Through Metal Detectors with digital signal processing system guaranteeing high level of detection andstability of work. It will be used in all public places: airports, border crossings,railway and bus stations.Precisely detects forbidden metal elements in institutions such as: courts, detention centers, police stations, penitentiaries. It will ensure full control of traffic and security in shopping centers, museums, stadiums, galleries, shopping centers, hospitals, night clubs, theaters, schools, etc.

  • Walk-Through Metal Detectors ELEKTRON-BDM-24



    ELEKTRON-RPDM-ST-25 accurately detects and attracts all ferromagnetic metals together. Metal particles are attracted to the surface of the detector probe, enabling their quick and efficient elimination. It is used as a complement to gantry and industrial metal detectors for the precise location and elimination of metal contamination in the tested products. This significantly reduces the amount of rejects and material losses in the production process.


    TYPE: ELEKTRON-TE-XS-5030A Scanner for checking parcels and luggage on airports, in penal institutions, embassies and in objects of the special supervision with the anti-terrorist risk. A series of small scanners for personal items. Designed specially for the inspection of holiday places, sports rooms, conference centres, exhibitions, deposited luggage, shopping centres, hotels and the like 1. Effective. 2. Slimness. 3. Low cost. 4. Easy to carry (light). 5. Movable (portable).


    TYPE: ELEKTRON-TE-XS-5030C A comprehensive medium scanner for scanning of parcels and luggage in airports, prisons, embassies and places special surveillance of anti-terror threat. Designed for the aviation industry. 1 Digital product. 2 A full set of necessary equipment. 3 Warranty full readiness. 4 Excellent (reliable) operation.

  • Handheld Metal Detectors ELEKTRON-V-160

    TYPE:ELEKTRON-V-160 Hand held metal detector ELEKTRON-V-160 is a high sensitivity deviced specially designed to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It can be used for the detection of weapons, dangerous tools, explosives or of very small metal objects carried by a person or in baggage, parcels, parcel. Well-designed housing makes the device is comfortable to use. A device with high sensitivity can be used to detect extremely small metal objects.



  • ELEKTRON-TE-XS-100100

    TYPE: ELEKTRON-TE-XS-100100 Application: security inspection for carry-on baggage or parcels etc. It is an ideal security inspection s ystem t o inspect large size baggage in r ailway s tations, b us s tands, government institutions, mall centers, multiplex theaters, hotels etc.


    TYPE: ELEKTRON-TE-XS-8065 BAGGAGE AND PARCEL INSPECTION 1. Performance and Value 2. High Resolution 3. Assist to Detect Drug and Explosive Power 4.Powerful X-ray Source Imaging Performance and Penetration