LED control panel it's transparent and easy to operate.
Smart meter automatically counts the number of detection.
On the upper part of the probe are placed LEDs that indicate the exact locations of metal contamination.
Variable sensitivity adjustment via potentiometer.
Real time display.
The conveyor belt is made from nonpoisonous material.
When sensor detect a broken needle above a o1.0mm ,buzzer will sound and conveyor will stop.

  • In the sawmill
  • In the food industry
  • In the pharmaceutical industry
  • In the chemical industry
  • In the mines
  • Recycling


  • Model:ELEKTRON-NMD-8040
  • Detection method Magnetic induction
  • Detection ability: 1.0mm steel
  • Detection adjustment 1-10step
  • Detection surface: 800mm*400mm
  • Optical and acoustic signaling
  • Working speed conveyor should be +/-32m/min(50Hz out); 40m/min(60Hz)
  • Power source AC 230V+/-10%
  • Stabilized power supply 170W
  • Dimension 1200mm(L)*260mm(W)*700mm(H)
  • Weight 190kg

Alarm method:
1. Optical-acoustic LED sign,
2. Stopping the tape (led out cord NO / NC)
3. The operating speed ofthe conveyor should be 32m/min(50Hz)-the highest sensitivity
4. Power source AC100-240V 50-60HZ
5. Built-in stabilized power supply 170W

Control box with two-meter cables for installation in any location.
The control box protected against unauthorized access.
It is demonstration offer, as a producer, we are able to make every detector according to you with requirements and laws of physics. The given price is an initial price, concerning devices working at closed areas.