ELEKTRON-RPDM-ST-25 accurately detects and attracts all ferromagnetic metals together. Metal particles are attracted to the surface of the detector probe, allowing them to be quickly and efficiently eliminated. It is used as a complement to gantry and industrial metal detectors for the precise location and elimination of layers with metals in the tested products. This significantly reduces the amount of rejects and material losses in the production process.


Based on high technology and meeting international standards, the ELEKTRON RPDM-ST-25 Manual Industrial Metal Detector is equipped with an ergonomic and comfortable handle, it is characterized by high sensitivity, solid workmanship, clear light and sound alarm as well as low power consumption. The device has been equipped with advanced SMD microelectronic components (Surface Mount Technology) assembled using the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) technique, serving as the most advanced micro metal detectors. ELEKTRON-RPDM-ST-25 is an ideal solution for detecting ferromagnetic contamination in the wood, knitting and medical industries.


  • Magnetic induction detection
  • Two-stage induction regulation
  • Very high sensitivity at close range
  • Adjustable detection level in two ranges: low Lo (20-30 mm) and high Hi (30-40 mm)
  • Detection area 25x50 mm
  • Signaling the detection of contamination through an optical-acoustic signaling device.
  • Power source 2 x 1.5 V (AA) batteries
  • Operation time - 20 working hour
  • Dimensions: length 160 mm, width 55 mm, height 45 mm
  • Weight: approx. 200 g
  • CE certificate


ELEKTRON-RPDM-ST-25 is used as a supplement to the industrial NMD metal detector, in order to perfectly  locate   e.g. a broken needle etc.