• On the upper part of the probe are placed LEDs that indicate the exact locations of metal contamination. With this solution, our customers greatly save the material.
  • Variable sensitivity adjustment via potentiometer.
  • Detection in the real time.
  • Solid construction resistant to industrial use.
  • If in the light of the probe of the detector iron speck will be found from 0.8-5.0mm the signalling device will indicate its presence and the conveyor belt will stop.
  • The LED located on the housing of the probe will indicate the zone of contamination. The detector has a cable signal (NO / NC) to connect into any control relay conveyor.


  • In the sawmill
  • In the food industry
  • In the pharmaceutical industry
  • In the chemical industry
  • In the mines
  • Recycling


  • ELEKTRON-NMD-P-1500-250 model (1500x250mm)
  • Detection with method of the magnetic induction
  • Tenderness about 0.8-5.0mm Fe and derivatives
  • 1-10 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Detection Width 800mm
  • Overall height 400mm
  • Signalling of the detection: optical-acoustic
  • Working speed conveyor should be+/-32m/min(50Hz out); 40m/min(60Hz)
  • Power source AC 230V+/-10%
  • Stabilized power supply 170W
  • 1800Mm(L)*260mm(W)*400mm(H measurement)
  • Weight 190Kg

Alarm method:

  • Optical-acoustic LED sign
  • The team of LEDs indicating the exact detection zone
  • Stopping the tape (led out cord NO / NC)
  • The operating speed ofthe conveyor should be32m/min(50Hz)-the highest sensitivity
  • Power source AC100-240V 50-60HZ
  • Built-in stabilized power supply 170W
  • Control box with two-meter cables for installation in any location.
  • The control box protected against unauthorized access.

It is demonstration offer, as a producer, we are able to make every detector according to you with requirements and laws of physics. The given price is an initial price, concerning devices working at closed areas.