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Automatic conveyor.

  • Housing made of high quality"ABS" plastic.
  • Electronics made by ​​SMD technology provides high stability and reliability.
  • The control panel based on LED or LCD panel, allows easy and fast service.
  • Detector one time programmed for the same products work automatically.
  • 10 detection zones allows a very precise location of metal particles and their easy removal.
  • Adjustable sensitivity detector.
  • Real time detection.
  • Transporter and detector, are constructed from non-toxic materials while allowing for contact with food.
  • When the probe detects a broken needle or iron object with a diameter greater as Ø 1.0mm, launch the acoustic and a visual signal. Conveyor belt will stop and reverse.


  • Model ELEKTRON-NMD-1800(100mm)
  • Method of detection: magnetic induction
  • Constant speed conveyor belt 32m/min(50Hz); 40m/min(60Hz)
  • Power source AC 230V+/-10%
  • Stabilized power supply 160W
  • Dimension2200mm(L)*2250mm(W)*950mm(H)
  • Weight: 330 kg

Alarm method:

  1. Optical and acoustic indicator,
  2. Stop and backspacing
  3. Zone indicator of pollution

Sample sensitivity for different levels of detector probes ZD-1500
(The following parameters were tested under standard conditions, and the sample was tested at the middle of the conveyor)

  • 100mm 0,8-1.0 mm steel - made to order
  • 120mm 1,0-1.2 mm steel - made to order
  • 150mm 1,2-1.5 mm steel - made to order
  • 200mm 1,5-2.0 mm steel - made to order


We provide warranty and post-warranty service.