The ELEKTRON-SMG 2020 gravitational magnetic separator with 4 rows of magnetic bars, designed to remove ferromagnetic metal impurities (iron and derivatives) from fine-grained products, loose materials transported by gravity or pneumatically. Elektron SMG should be installed in a vertical gravitational chute in order to capture ferrous metals from falling loose materials, i.e. sugar, salt, coffee, flour, powdered milk, spices, leaf teas, fertilizers.

A strong magnetic field will catch iron particles, oxidized iron (rust) and all derivatives.

Separation of impurities takes place in 3 stages.

  • Stage 1. Strong neodymium magnets capture impurities transported with the product.

  • Stage 2. Getting rid of impurities by sliding the drawers out of the product transport system.

  • Stage 3. Removal of impurities from the casing pipes by pulling out the permanent magnets.


We adapt the dimensions of the separator to the customer's needs.