Gravity magnetic separator ELEKTRON-SMG-3434 with 6 rows of magnetic rods, designed to remove feromagnetic metal contamination (iron and derivatives) from fine-grained products, loose materials transported by gravity or pneumatics. The SMG electron should be installed in a vertical gravity chute to capture ferrous metals from falling loose materials, i.e. sugar, salt, coffee, flour, powdered milk, spices, leaf teas, fertilizers.
A strong magnetic field will catch iron particles, oxidized iron (rust) and all its derivatives.

Dirt separation takes place in 3 stages.

Stage 1. The impurities transported with the product are captured by strong neodymium magnets.
Stage 2. Getting rid of contamination by sliding drawers out of the product transport system.
Stage 3. Removal of impurities from casing pipes by removing permanent magnets.

We adjust the dimensions of the separator to the needs of customers