ELEKTRON-BDM-24 Belongs to the highest class of walk through metal detectors can be used in airports, embassies in the factory, court, exhibition hall, stadium, entertainment Halls, etc.

Technical parameter:

  • Electric current: AC85V~264V/50-60HZ
  • Power consumption: <20W, low consume, low radiation
  • Gross weight: 70KG
  • Workplace environment: -20°C~+50°C
  • Standard: GB15210-2003, CE
  • Standard External size: 2225mm(H)X860mm(W)X560mm(D)
  • Standard Internal size: 2055mm(H)X700mm(W)X500mm(D)

Characteristic & Function:

  • Control Panel: Large LCD / LED for easy operation.
  • Menu in Polish and English: LCD control panel / LCD can be operated from the menu. All functions are displayed as icons.
  • 18-24 Detection zone:The detector is equipped with 18 or 24 detection zones independently controlled, they complement each other.Each zone independently indicates the exact location of the detected metal,according to the programmed detection characteristics of metal objects.
  • Signaling  detection: LCD and LED bar placed on both sides of METAL DETECTOR.Thanks to the division into zones is immediately visible area, which located the metal objects at the level of the human figure, from the feet to the top of the head.
  • Opto-acoustic signaling: Three-level, high, medium and low. Adjustable detection zone: When the sensitivity is set on High, detector can detect small metal objects such as a paper clip. You can also adjust the sensitivity to your needs. This allows for the elimination of false alarms caused by small coins, jewelry, buttons, belt buckles, etc.
  • Anti-interference function: The digital analysis system of the external background greatly reduces and eliminates errors and external disturbances. This system allows for more accurate and more reliable analysis of the signals.
  • Password protection: Only the authorized person can operate the system.
  • Control and operation: Metal Detector can be operated from the control panel or remote pilot.
  • The counter statistics: Intelligent system allows for automatic counting of people entering and alarm - A record of events
  • Friendly for people and the environment: Harmless to peacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.
  • Electrical Safety: The device can be switched on or off from the panel, or remotely pilot.
  • Construction Material: PVC outer layer protects from frost and moisture.
  • Ease of installation: The detector is designed so that could be easily and quickly transported to another location. Just 20 minutes and each person is able to disassemble and reassemble the detector. No additional training is required, the statement is with a metal detector.