ELEKTRON-SXRF is used to detect foreign bodies in the form of particles of all metals, bones, stones, glass, hard plastic and even rubber. The scanner is used to test beef, pork and poultry meat, cold cuts, fish, seafood, dried fruits, packaged coffee, sweets - for example, candies, spices, etc. The device has been designed to work with products packed in metallized foil, foil aluminum and low metal cans. Our X-Ray scanners are able to detect particles of foreign bodies even from Φ 0.4mm, which makes them one of the best scanners in the world.


- loose products packed, e.g. sugar, groats, dried fruits, rice, coffee, nuts, spices and the like,

- pickled products, e.g. sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, salads and vegetable pickles and many others,

- low metal canned products e.g. fish, canned food, corn, peas, beans, pineapple, peach, energy drinks and the like,

- meat products, e.g. poultry fillet.


  • Permit by the President of the National Atomic Energy Agency No. D-17869.
  • Single beam product scanning technology with one high power lamp directed from top to bottom.
  • High level of detection and stability of work when scanning products fed linearly and, which is unusual, falling drifting.
  • High level of security.
  • Easy-to-use intuitive menu.
  • Service support and supervision over LAN.
  • Efficient and quick disassembly of the conveyor belt for cleaning.
  • Menu in Polish and English (standard).
  • Menu in German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic (optional).


  • Detection of glass in glass (jars, bottles) and metals in metal packaging (cans).
  • Automatic detection of missing product in the package.
  • Unique, full-range, multi-layer product control system.
  • Smooth management of each detection zone increasing the level and quality of scanning.
  • Password protected system levels.
  • A wide range of parameter adjustments enables the system to detect bone.
  • Automatic warning system about the current state of the X-Ray scanner.
  • Automatic highlighting of the pollution with the color corresponding to the assigned algorithm.
  • Ability to save the report in an .xls file, so you can open the report on a private computer using Excel.
  • Automatic saving of the defective product, possibility of saving the selected photo to an external data carrier.
  • Seven times the image to identify contamination.


The type and type of the X-Ray Scanner are selected according to the customer's requirements. The product dimension must be entered in the detection cone according to the table below.