It is specifically dedicated to so called “tough products” such as: beef guts, stew, raw beef, pork and poultry in the form of stripes and scraps.
Multihead Linear Weigher is an effect of years of research and attempts to solve weighing problem with irregular shaped products and resilient structure products. In the typical weighing device, so called “tough” product is grouped and gummed together. This prohibits dosing  and accurate weighing.  Applied  construction solutions  of the device overcome abovementioned problems. Elektron-LWW-8 weighs beef guts, stew, scraps and bites of beef, pork and poultry.
  • The automatic container doses the product in accordance with the demand of  weight-feeding chambers.
  • The sticky products are moved to the feeding chambers by the linear screw conveyors without any problems.
  • The  row of synchronizing chambers enhances accuracy and the speed of weighing.
  • Eight-chambered  system of precise weighing.
  • Quick belt conveyors provide weighed products to synchronization chamber.
  • Synchronization chamber   engaged with  automatic packing system.
  • It controls feeding product transporter  and receiving product transporter.
  • It enables  to integrate all automatic production line system.
  • All elements which have direct contact with food might be disassemble easily without any special tools.
  • Stainless  and acid- resistant steel.
  • Installed control system of internal temperature and humidity (FROST) prevents water absorption into inner electronic system. 
  • Degree of protection IP-54/65.
  • Model – ELEKTRON-LWW-8
  • Number of weighing sections – 8
  • The scope of single chamber weighing -  10-2500 g
  • Accuracy - +0.1-3.0 g
  • Synchronization chamber – 8 synchronizing probes
  • The speed of weighing – 5-45 op./min
  • Scale pan capacity – 2.5 L
  • Kind of sensors – Load cell
  • Control panel – 9.7 “ touch screen
  • Supply voltage – 230 VAC
  • Power drain – 1500 W
  • Dimensions:  2300L*1080W*2150H mm
  • Weight – 350/400 kg
  • The drive of conveying screws – electric engines
  • The drive of chambers – stepper motor