ELEKTRON-MD metal detectors are devices specially dedicated to testing products in difficult conditions with a very high degree of interference. They are designed in such a way as to eliminate the negative impact of a difficult product and the environment on the detection level to the maximum extent.


From July 1, 2019, we give a lifetime (10-year) warranty on the probes of our detectors.



The ELEKTRON-MD series of detectors has a non-contact auto-learning system that cannot be found in other detectors. The non-contact auto-learning system analyzes the tested product and automatically saves the detection parameters (e.g. the effect of the product itself and the background of the environment). The detector, controlling the conveyor, automatically moves the product through the detection probe window back and forth until the learning is completed. This solution facilitates work, especially with heavy products. As a result, learning is much more accurate without interferences, and also increases the level of detection and the stability of the metal detector.


Our metal detectors have a built-in auto-calibration system, thanks to which the devices do not require constant service inspections. The detection system accurately oscillates at the frequency of the test substance, adjusting itself to variable values. The management system is designed in such a way that every time the detector is disconnected from the network for about 15 minutes, it automatically performs background analysis and calibrates the system after restarting.


Our metal detectors can be equipped with unparalleled in other detectors, the "FROST" system with a built-in intelligent heating and thermostat system, inside the control panel, which protects the internal electronics against moisture and cold. It is the only protection against sudden temperature changes during washing and prevents the absorption of moisture inside (for example, a cold machine washed with hot water). Operation of the machine in a cold store and with a frozen product.


Products tested in an upright position, packed, for example, in jars, bottles, buckets, tall paper or plastic bags, etc.



  • Maximum weight of a single test product ~ 1.0 kg.
  • Clear and large touch display.
  • NO / NC output to stop the conveyor belt.
  • Optical and acoustic alarm.
  • Automatic separator (bulldozer).
  • Lockable container for rejected products.
  • Cover of the detection zone made of transparent polycarbonate.
  • IP68 probe tightness class, conveyor drive IP54 / 56.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • Menu in Polish and English (standard).
  • Menu in German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish (optional).


  • Automatic background analysis and self calibration of the system.
  • Automatic variable frequency operation.
  • Password protected access levels.
  • Automatic learning of the tested product.
  • Memory function for testing 100 different products.
  • Automatic system of forcing the correctness of detection.
  • Quick change of new parameters.
  • Detection analysis graph.
  • "FROST" system


H - detector dedicated to work in difficult conditions

F - detector with a built-in "FROST" system

S -  detector having a separator

S-S - detector with a standing probe and a separator

G - metal detector tape has a so-called rubber grapple

E - metal detector designed for E1 and E2 crates and large boxes or bags